Venus photo
Venus reflected in the Pacific Ocean (Photograph by Brocken Inaglory, via Wikimedia Commons)

© 2017 D. Catherine

When the Mayan records suggest that Venus was ‘created’ before the moon and sun, they were not attempting a cosmogonic understanding or ordering of the universe—an occupation characteristic of contemporary, secular, scientific society fixated on the Big Bang. The ancient Mayan astronomers were simply expressing the fact that their first calendar was reckoned, measured and recorded by way of the astronomical cycles of Venus (or the star of the morning and evening which together made the first calendar day), or that Venus preceded the moon and sun respectively in the Mayan’s registering of time cycles.

In a similar manner the Akkadian records suggest that the moon was created before the sun. In the myth, the sun-god was called the child of the moon-god Sin.

Since ‘creation’ pertains to the domain of time and space/movement, with each new time reckoner/cycle and astronomical circuit came a new ‘creation’ myth (so to speak). That is how it came to be that Venus was supposedly ‘created’ before the moon and sun: it was principally a matter and concern of measuring, recording and registering time (calendar cycles), not cosmogonic beginnings.

When contemporary scholars deride the ancient Mayans or Akkadians for their ignorance of cosmogony, these scholars are actually betraying their own ignorance of the origins, substance, role and primacy of chronocentric mythos/allegory in ancient cultures.

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