The author of this blog has a wide variety of interests, one of which includes exploring religious history with its many intriguing mysteries. Sometimes this involves the untangling of knots: the intertwining and conflation of biography, mythology, hagiography and allegory, as well as the inevitable influence of psychological and metaphysical archetypes. At other times it involves detecting the ‘fingerprints’ of textual interpolation, or peering through the murky waters of religious polemics, dissimulation and doctrinal or ideological obfuscation—all of which has occurred not through the intervention of divine inspiration in those instances, but instead as a result of various sociopolitical influences and psychological factors all-too-common to the susceptible human condition.

With regards to religion, culture, mythology or symbolism, the present writer does not claim to offer definitive expositions, interpretations or answers; often it is merely a case of reflection and commentary on a subject that has taken his interest and may be of interest to other readers as well—some of whom might add crucial insights and better explain or illuminate the subject at hand. Perhaps along the way we will rediscover something wonderful, or uncover something worth knowing and sharing.

D. Catherine